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  • 60% of university students cannot meet self-study requirements

    60% of university students cannot meet self-study requirements

    According to a recent survey, about 60 percent of students believe self-study plays a very important role in their university education, but only 16 percent of 300 surveyed students have “high” self-awareness in planning self-study. Only 2 percent ranked “very high”, while 76 percent rated “average”. Normally, Trinh Dang Khoa, MA, from the HCM City […]

  • Halong Aphrodite Cruise catches fire

    According to a reliable information, the luxury cruise ship in Halong bay suddenly caught fire on the pier at Tuan Chau Island (Halong Bay, Quang Ninh) makes a lot of visitors jumped into the sea to escape the boat on fire. As the newest update, the cruise’s name is Aphrodite Q6299 (Aphrodite Cruise). The fire […]

  • Ministry seeks to remove anonymity of Vietnamese rice

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has submitted a plan to the Government that seeks to develop a Vietnamese rice brand name by 2020. For long now Vietnam has been one of the top three rice exporting nations, but it lacks brand names that are known in the global market, the ministry has said […]

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