Halong Aphrodite Cruise catches fire

According to a reliable information, the luxury cruise ship in Halong bay suddenly caught fire on the pier at Tuan Chau Island (Halong Bay, Quang Ninh) makes a lot of visitors jumped into the sea to escape the boat on fire.

As the newest update, the cruise’s name is Aphrodite Q6299 (Aphrodite Cruise). The fire started at 11:00 AM, May 6th. The Police in Quang Ninh Province is mobilizing forces to fight the fire.

Talking to reporters, representative of Aphrodite Cruise confirmed that the fire was moving to whole cruise but all passengers are in the safety condition now.

According to the chairman of Quang Ninh Fire Fighting Department, the cruise’s captain said that the cruise is on fire while delivering passengers to the harbor.

After receiving information, the Fire Fighting and Prevention Department in Quang Ninh Province mobilized 30 polices to the scene to fight the fire. They used the small boat to evacuate all of the guests on cruise, then use the megaphones to rescue all boats/ships around this area to prevent the fire from spreading.

The total people number were rescued are 37 people, including four staves on board and one captain.

Over 12 hours, according to police of fire fighting department, the fire had completely destroyed almost the cruise, the water spills inside causes the shipwreck.

At 12h30, Vice Chairman Ho Quang Huy of Ha Long City said that he had just returned from the scene. The incident injures 3 tourists but not really serious.

“The Quang Ninh Province will begin the investigation to find out the cause of the fire,” Huy said.

Source: http://www.halong-bay-cruises.com/halong-bay-travel-news/halong-aphrodite-5-star-cruise-burnt/