Vietnamese Food & Drink

Vietnamese fermented pork roll- Nem chua

Wandering around the Old Quarter in the evening, you can easily be intrigued by the appetizing aroma and the greasy sweet taste of sizzling fermented pork roll grilled on barbecue over charcoals.   It is well known that the traditional fermented pork roll is not less unique and addictive compared to its grilled one and

Fried Pillow Cake- Bánh gối

Fried Pillow Cake- Banh Goi will be cooked when the sun moon, a bit like a pancake southern or western monster cakes. But the point made distinctive flavor of each type of bread is the raw material and create them. In those days the freezing air, the Hanoi to find familiar snack to enjoy cake knees together. In

Vietnamese bread- Bánh mỳ

Banh mi Vietnam (Vietnamese Traditional Bread) is really popular in Vietnam, it also has another name “Saigon baguette or Fried pork bread”. This is also traditional Vietnamese food. Bread is made with wheat and rice flour. This can be seen as a combination of sandwich and baguette. Thinly sliced carrots, pickles, cucumbers, liver pâté, mayonnaise and various meats

Green papaya salad with Beef Jerky- Nộm đu đủ bò khô

Vietnamese green papaya salad comes in two guises and one of them features earthy beef jerky and heady Thai basil (hung que). The other version of green papaya salad is southern Viet and has shrimp, pork and rau ram herb; the recipe is in Into the Vietnamese Kitchen. A northern Viet favorite, green papaya salad

Vietnamese Sticky Rice- “Xôi”

There is nowhere in Vietnam that so many types of sticky rice – or “xoi ” present like they do in Hanoi . But standing out among the various kinds,“xoi xeo” is not only creative art with a sophisticated combination of ingredients and color but the sophistication even leaks out to its odd name. Amazingly

Rolled rice pancake- Bánh cuốn

Among Vietnam’s delicate specialties, “bánh cuốn” ranks top thanks to its softness, sweet fragrance of cinnamon, dried onion and strong taste of minced meat and sources!  Among other members of the extended noodle family, bánh cuốn (rolled rice pancake) almost ranks first. It is a paper-thin steamed rice flour pancake, much like delicate sheets of fresh rice

Spring Roll- Nem rán

“Nem Rán” (or “Chả Giò” in the South) is one of the most popular traditional Vietnamese food, literally meaning minced pork roll. The most common English translation of “Chả giò” is spring roll, though this is just a fancy name since the food has nothing to do with spring. Ingredients The main ingredients of a roll of

“Banh Chung” – the soul of Vietnamese New Year!

“Banh Chung” (Chung cake) is a traditional and irreplaceable cake of Vietnamese people in the Tet Holidays and King Hung’s anniversary (10th March Lunar). For the Vietnamese, making “Banh Chung” is the ideal way to express gratitude to their ancestors and homeland. The legend of ” Banh Chung” Chung cake was invented by the 18th

Pyramidal rice dumpling- Bánh giò

Not everyone can eat “banh gio”. Yet, it is very easy to get addicted to it. That is true! This simple dish sold in country markets has become a favorite breakfast of many Hanoians. People can find this dish in small stands o­n any street in Hanoi. The stands are always crowed with diners. Hanoians

Vietnamese Sweetened Porridge- Chè

“Chè” is a Vietnamese term that refers to any traditional Vietnamese thick, sweet dessert soup or sweetened porridge.Sweetened porridge is a kind of sugary flavored beverage which is protein-rich. As such, it may, with the addition of qualifying adjectives, refer to a wide variety of distinct soups or puddings, which may be served either hot or cold. Some