Vietnamese Food

Rolled rice pancake- Bánh cuốn

Among Vietnam’s delicate specialties, “bánh cuốn” ranks top thanks to its softness, sweet fragrance of cinnamon, dried onion and strong taste of minced meat and sources!  Among other members of the extended noodle family, bánh cuốn (rolled rice pancake) almost ranks first. It is a paper-thin steamed rice flour pancake, much like delicate sheets of fresh rice

Spring Roll- Nem rán

“Nem Rán” (or “Chả Giò” in the South) is one of the most popular traditional Vietnamese food, literally meaning minced pork roll. The most common English translation of “Chả giò” is spring roll, though this is just a fancy name since the food has nothing to do with spring. Ingredients The main ingredients of a roll of

“Banh Chung” – the soul of Vietnamese New Year!

“Banh Chung” (Chung cake) is a traditional and irreplaceable cake of Vietnamese people in the Tet Holidays and King Hung’s anniversary (10th March Lunar). For the Vietnamese, making “Banh Chung” is the ideal way to express gratitude to their ancestors and homeland. The legend of ” Banh Chung” Chung cake was invented by the 18th

Pyramidal rice dumpling- Bánh giò

Not everyone can eat “banh gio”. Yet, it is very easy to get addicted to it. That is true! This simple dish sold in country markets has become a favorite breakfast of many Hanoians. People can find this dish in small stands o­n any street in Hanoi. The stands are always crowed with diners. Hanoians

Vietnamese Sweetened Porridge- Chè

“Chè” is a Vietnamese term that refers to any traditional Vietnamese thick, sweet dessert soup or sweetened porridge.Sweetened porridge is a kind of sugary flavored beverage which is protein-rich. As such, it may, with the addition of qualifying adjectives, refer to a wide variety of distinct soups or puddings, which may be served either hot or cold. Some

“Ô mai” – a dilicious nosh!

“Ô mai” is salted dry apricot or sugared dry apricot that is a favourite nosh for many people in Hanoi and other provinces. “Ô mai” – a dilicious nosh! It  is produced for traditional method, since chosing material, the company also send staff to gardens in Hung Yen, Hai Hung, Hoa Binh, Lai Chau in order to gather

Grilled minced fish- Chả Cá Lã Vọng

Hanoi now has several stores selling Cha ca La Vong, but none of them can be equal to the Cha Ca Road’s in terms of quality and flavor. As a popular dish, La Vong grilled fish pie is indeed a remarkable culinary invention. The long history… In ancient days, there was a street selling paints,

Rice vermicelli- Bún

Bun (Rice vermicelli) is made of rice flour which is turned into small, circular and white threads wrapped up into small coils called Con Bun. Vietnamese rice vermicelli is a preferable as well as a popular dish! The best rice noodles have only two ingredients: rice or rice flour, and water. Rice vermicelli are thin, translucent

“Cốm” – Autumn’s special gift

“Cốm” (green sticky rice) is a delicacy that is made only in autumn and cherished by all Vietnamese. For Hanoians, nothing evokes autumn like the taste of young rice from Vong village, the grain so sweetly scented that they left a lasting impression… Served with red persimmons or ripe bananas,“Cốm” – Autumn’s special gift is truly delicious.

Rice noodle soup-Phở

Pho (rice noodle soup) a typical dish of Hanoi people, has been existing for a long time. Pho is prepered not only in a sophisticated manner but also in the technique which is required to have sweet but pure bouillon, soft but not crasded noodle, soft and sweet smelling meat. Only in cold days, having a