Fried Pillow Cake- Bánh gối

Fried Pillow Cake- Banh Goi will be cooked when the sun moon, a bit like a pancake southern or western monster cakes. But the point made distinctive flavor of each type of bread is the raw material and create them.

In those days the freezing air, the Hanoi to find familiar snack to enjoy cake knees together. In ancient times, people often sell bread pillows on their wheelchairs and walk through the streets today pillow cake sold at the old town and the flavor of the cake also different.

Cake picky pillow, by raw materials need many things, first used as a flour crust.Personal gear includes: ground pork, egg, vermicelli, wood ear, mushrooms, pepper, spices. Also, depending on taste you can add vegetables like turnips, carrots or diced small bean roots in both the human.

Take wheat flour mixed with water, knead thoroughly for the first powder, plastic , not buildings but not solid. Then divided into local and rolled out dough into a circle to look better when kneading bread. Because the dough rolled very dry, so do the will of the workers that the shell powder to cake cracking.

Wood ear, bringing hot water soak mushrooms and chopped it. Myanmar softened chopped short. Kohlrabi, carrots, peas or diced small tubers. Then bring the ingredients mixed with ground pork and mixed with spices, pepper and then for about 10 minutes to infuse. Bring hard-boiled eggs and cut the lead.

When material is ready, proceed wheel package. This is an important stage, which requires the ingenuity of people do. Cake is not only delicious but also need to pretty attractive sight of food.


Crust spread out on the table, contact each person on a half tablespoons of the crust, add a few pieces of egg and spread evenly. Then fold the remaining half of the crust, use a bit of water swept it into the side of the shell and closed strokes back of wheel rim, the rim can be made ​​for beautiful teeth. Finished cake to squeeze more oil to the pan and browning. Attention all hands turn to simmer and cooked that’s not burning bread.

Cake pillow will not eat delicious vegetables without sauce and squeeze. Sauce can pillow cake made ​​from green papaya, carrots, fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, water, lemon, garlic, chili sauce, such as paper. In ancient times, people still use chili sauce instead of sweet and sour sauce now